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Consumers have relied on other people’s feedback about vendors they use since time immemorial. They constantly read magazines like the Consumer Report to be able to discover some of the best service providers, suppliers, etc. The report also helps to educate consumers about rights, including some of the things that are happening in their industries.

Fast forward and into the Internet age, consumers now rely on timely reviews when they want to discover products and service providers on the web. In fact, more than 90% of all e-commerce companies have a customer reviews section on their websites. The reviews are enabling their customers to discover some of the best service providers that suit their needs.

Essay writing companies however fail to make good on this trend, probably because theirs is an industry of secrecy and privacy. Consumers need to have a 3rd party, non-partisan platform where consumers can read reviews and make decisions. is one of the leading platforms for this purpose.

Students as consumers

Students pump a lot of money into essay writing companies. They do this with the understanding that these companies will not only serve them well, but will do whatever it takes to ensure that they receive what they’re looking for. Because they don’t always get what they are looking for, they need neutral platforms that can educate them about companies, products, services, etc.

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Why review essay writing companies

Essay writing companies offer a great service to their users. At the split of a second, students can order an essay that fulfills their needs. Unfortunately, while it’s much easier for these students to find companies, getting excellent professionals is a challenge. Some students even lose money or fail to graduate whenever they entrust their work with the wrongful companies. Students need to read reviews each time they want to buy an essay. This website has real customer reviews consumers can trust.

How it works

We have been collecting customer reviews for essay writing companies for a long time. Even today, students can still leave a comment whenever they use the services of an essay writing companies. We take it upon us to not only rank top service providers, but also feel excited whenever we give our users enough information to guide them in their shopping. We also share a summary that describes each essay writing service provider: their payment details, the customer support channels they have, among others.